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Sound is in the key of your life. I am the conductor and you are the music. Allow the tuning forks, breath and movement bring you peace and balance combine my scientific and spiritual mind to discover a more balanced you. Self-care is my mission and empowerment is my gift. The forks find the distortions you do the work I am just conduit on this journey of self care breath and movement.

Biofield Tuning

3 session discount package for $270!

In-Person Biofield Tuning Session

Allow yourself an hour of self care listening and breathing while the body autocorrects itself through vibration of acoustic generators.


Adrenal Reset (60-75 mins)

Assist with your balance through a targeted area to help achieve neurorelaxation.


Sonic Meridian Flush (75 mins)

A 75-90 min treatment of relaxation spa-like service.Restore the body to its natural rhythm. Target areas include the head, hands and feet.


Distance Biofield Tuning Session

Your time, your home, your care. I have experience with several sessions by distance with clients feeling more relaxed and balanced.


Holistic Healing

Together combining Biofield Tuning and Pilates, we work on your personal goals and my expertise to help become more aligned and strong body mind and spirit!

6 session package for $500!

One Hour Session

Movement education custom designed for you by looking at the posture, breath and movements both dynamic and static. Then your journey begins with equipment (reformer tower, chair, barrel, and Oov) and matwork.


Custom Group Class

I can customize a class for you. I have taught Cardio-Core, Foam Roller Pilates, Move with Oov, Sound, and Oov. I teach all bodies all ages. Allow me to teach you and have some fun!

Price Upon Request

Physical Therapy

Cash for service basis. Please check with your insurance regarding out of network coverage.






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